The Projects and Programmes

 Fundraising The Kingston & St. Andrew Action fundraising team has initiated and will continue to host several fundraising activities to offset our Administrative cost, to support our programmes and to provide a cushion for the organization. Over the years, KSAAF have hosted a number of fundraising events, namely, fish fry, raffles and the Ward theatre evening of excellence. In addition, we have and will continue to submit project proposals to local and international donor agencies and to corporate Jamaica to seek funds to maintain our programmes and projects.

 American Friends of Jamaica 

(AFJ) The Kingston and St. Andrew Action Forum, in May 2008 received a grant for one year period from AFJ to increase our community capacity building. The aim of the project was to facilitate opportunities, partnerships, linkages, community generated initiatives and other activities for transformational community development. Another area of focus was to provide information technology training for 200 inner-city members. Additionally we would have focused on placing a facility that would assist tertiary level students from inner-city communities with their studies as well as other persons sitting major examinations. Due to the amount received for the grant the main focus of the AFJ project focused on providing information technology training to our members. The Board usually comprises of Community Development Practitioners and Professionals. Board members and many of the members were trained in information technology..

 The Government and Democracy Proj Governance and Democracy Projectect focuses on expanding the capacity of the Secretariat and creating a Business and Information Centre, which will sustain the organization. This project is being sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and will last for three years. KSAAF primary partners in this project are the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC), People‟s Action for Community Transformation (PACT), the International University of the Caribbean (IUC), Dispute Resolution Foundation (DRF) and the Peace Management Initiate (PMI). The overall goal of the project is to create self-sufficient and safe communities which find and develop local skills and talent, and mobilize the necessary resources through advocacy, wealth creation, facilitation, volunteerism, and knowledge sharing. The purpose is to create an independent and sustainable urban leadership body, with the capacity to facilitate opportunities, partnerships, linkages, community generated initiatives and other activities for transformational community development. One of the major objectives of this project is to employ fourteen persons to the organization, who will be working in the Secretariat and the Business and Information Centre.

 Guns off the Street 

The purpose of the “Get the Guns off the Street Campaign” is to increase the capacity of the institution and to prevent armed violence and increase community safety. This will therefore strengthen relationships among NGOs and draw lessons from Peace and Justice Centres in the context of a National centre. We will be targeting communities in conflict. Subsequently we will be conducting a feasibility study on National Peace, Justice and Community Development Centre, expand MOUs with NGO partner stakeholders such as {WROC, Young American Business Trust (YABT), DRF}.

The main reason why KSAAF initiated the Guns off the Street Campaign is because Jamaica is at risk of becoming a crisis country unless urgent action is taken to address crime and violence in the country. Insecurity and armed violence are major obstacles to sustainable development and the situation has worsened significantly in recent years. In 2005, Jamaica had the highest recorded per capita murder rate in the world. The death rate from violence in Jamaica is higher than in many high intensity violent conflicts. There are several activities being undertaken under this project are the Monday Night Forum and Town Hall Meetings. These meetings are geared at engaging the communities and looking at possible solutions to tackle crime and violence in mainly inner-city communities. KSAAF realize that like the problem, the solution is multi faceted and as such we will also be having dialogues with parliamentarians, Churches, CBOs, Community Activists and Informal groups. We have created a “Get the Guns off the Street” Flyer which is being distributed across Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine. The information coming from these Forums and dialogues will then be published in our newsletter, so as to inform our member communities and our partners as to the proposed solutions and seek the assistance of our partners as well as the parliamentarians in implementing these proposed solutions.

 Summer Camp

Kingston and St. Andrew Action Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Citizenship Education Programme, Crime Observatory Group of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Healthy Lifestyle Project of the Ministry of Health, and the Institute of Sports facilitated six summer camps within the Kingston Western Police Division and its environs. The aim of having these camps is to enroll the youth in a structured programme thereby reducing the probability of their involvement in criminal activities. This region was chosen due to the high level of violence that exist in communities as well as the cordial relationship that was forged with citizens. Additionally, statistics received from the Jamaica Constabulary Force indicates that a large percentage of perpetrators of crime and violence are youths. Research has also shown that structured programme providing youth development and skill building activities with an emphasis on social skills and character development reduced delinquent behaviour. Based on this we decided that we could organize these camps to assist in changing delinquency among out youth. The target age group for the camp was persons ranging from 7-18 years of age attending schools as well as “corner youths”. There were over 1200 participants in the summer camp expanding the six camps. The areas of focus were sports, citizenship education, healthy lifestyle issues along with literacy training. Additionally, participants from some of the camps were taken issues along with literacy training. Additionally, participants from some of the camps were taken The camp spanned from July to August and the camp sites were Arnett Gardens Sports Complex, Boys Town, Maxfield Park Cricket Ground, Torrington Park, Donald Quarrie High School and Alpha Boys Home.

 KSAAF has undertaken several projects and programmes, some of which are listed below. Fundraising Governance & Democracy Guns off the Street Summer Camp Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation HEART Trust NTA National Youth Service (NYS) High Grade AFJ

Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (VICC) KSAAF has ventured in a program with the VICC whereby we play a facilitator role to register KSAAF members and other members of communities and business people to do Spanish classes at the VICC. This has been a successful program as the many persons who have been trained are now bilingual. HEART Trust NTA KSAAF has ventured in a program with HEART whereby we play a facilitator role to register KSAAF members and other members of communities to be trained by HEART. This program has been quite a success as the many persons have been trained and HEART has had to request a temporary pause of registration of persons and indicated that KSSAF has been one of their most successful recruiting organization to channel persons for training in to HEART. The second phase of this program focuses on persons who do not pass the entry level test for HEART. These persons undergo basic training at KSAAF office in Math, English and other areas required for matriculation into HEART. These persons are afterwards required to redo the HEART entry level test.

 National Youth Service (NYS) KSAAF has been an organization to train many NYS interns at our office, on our projects, in community development work and in our summer camps. We have had success with this as these youngsters learn much life and working skills. OVERVIEW OF THE KSAAF PROJECT PURPOSE What is our understanding of the Heart of KSAAF Projects?

Project Purpose Statement An independent and sustainable urban leadership body with the capacity to facilitate opportunities, partnerships, linkages, community generated initiatives and other activities for transformational community development.

Peace Building

 Citizens at the centre of peace and development

 To empower young people and community stakeholders to better themselves in all aspects of life towards peace building, self respect and true harmony in life.

 Stimulating community members to work towards the development of their communities. To be cooperative in addressing the issues which confront them, not to be partisan.


 Impacting the lives of the poor, through empowerment and opportunities.

 To empower young people for a better life style.

 To empower the residents in their communities to improve their standard of living and socio-economic status.

 To provide Jamaican citizens with the ability to improve

their lives.

 Capacity building at the community level…. representation

of community by community…… sustainably.

 To be the voice of marginalised communities to the wider public.

 Leadership is key in KSAAF, so emphasis is placed on educating leaders at all levels.

 Good role models in their community for community development.

Community Development

 Community sustainable development

 Community development

 KSAAF strives for the strengthening of community based organizations through dialogue and development.

 Changing lives, community reformation, building relationships that are healthy.

 Building social capital

 Foster growth and development, reaching out to the marginalized in our society

 Building partnerships with stakeholders

 High Grade

 HIGH GRADE is an edu-tainment docu-drama produced by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC) in association with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The video was shown in nine communities in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine between December 3-15, 2007. The objective of this was to encourage critical thinking among the discussants on issues which they may encounter in their daily lives or about which they may be curious. If they disagree with the portrayal of a particular situation they were encouraged to re-write it or to act it out in the way they think would be more accurate. One of the successes that came out of this project saw two youth who had dropped out of school going back to school. These two youth were from the Port Royal community and they were present at the showing and discussion of the video. They came up to the KSAAF team and informed them of their interest in returning to school. KSAAF members were able to facilitate the two youth in returning to school. Through this project we were to increase our voluntary base as several persons who attended the workshops developed an interest in KSAAF and became involved with the organization.


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