Membership structure The KSAAF membership is comprised of three different types: Organization Member This membership is comprised of either o a Community Development Committee (CDC) or a Community Based Organization (CBO). Individual Member KSAAF permits the membership of individual community members, whether or not they are affiliated with a CDC, or a CBO, as long as there exists a member CBO from their community. Supporting Member These include groups or persons from non-member communities. Such members would contribute by making donations and giving other forms of resources such as their time as volunteers. However they would not be eligible to vote. KSAAF servers the following communities by means of its activities, programmes and projects.

Parish Community District Constituency PC Division KINGSTON & ST. ANDREW 1.

Allman Town Allman Town (proper) Kingston Gardens Campbell Town Woodford Park Shared: Central Kingston South East St. Andrew 2. Denham Town None West Kingston Denham Town 3. Central Downtown Downtown Matthew Lane shared: West Kingston Central Kingston 4. Fletchers Land Beverly Gardens Fletchers Land Orange Villa West Kingston 5. Franklyn Town Brown‟s Town Franklyn Town (proper) McIntyre Villa Passmore Town Shared: Central Kingston East Kingston & Port Royal 6. Hannah Town none West Kingston

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 7. 

Jones Town Craig Town Admiral Town Jones Town (proper) South St. Andrew Admiral Town 8. Mountain View / Vineyard Town Back Bush Eden Gardens Jacques Road McGreggor Gully Mountain View Gardens Vineyard Town East St. Andrew East Rural St. Andrew 9. Parade Gardens South Side Tel – A- Viv Central Kingston Rae Town 10. Rae Town None Central Kingston Rae Town 11. Rockfort Johnson Town Pleasant Heights Norman Gardens Rennock Lodge Wareika Hills East Kingston & Port Royal 12. Rollington Town Burgher Gully Rollington Town (proper) East Kingston & Port Royal 13. Rose Gardens Spoilers Lissant Road Central Kingston 14. Springfield Gardens Windward Courts Doncaster Springfield on the Sea Royal Palm Fishing Village Manley Meadows Sigarney East Kingston & Port Royal Springfield 15. Tivoli Gardens None West Kingston Tivoli gardens 16. Trench Town Arnett Gardens Lyndhurst / Greenwich Rose Town Wilton Gardens / Rema South St. Andrew Trench Town

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 17.

Bito Bloxburgh Bito (Proper)/Benoah Sommerset East Rural St. Andrew 18. Bloxobourgh None East Rural St. Andrew 19. Bull Bay Bayview Copacabana Eight Miles Nine Miles Seven Miles Taylor Land Ten Miles Wick-Wacky Tamarind Tree Shooters Hill Windsor Lodge East Rural St. Andrew 20. Cane River New Stead Stanley Park East Rural St. Andrew 21. Harbour View Caribbean Terrace Harbour Heights / Bayshore Harbour View (proper) Melbrooke Heights St. Benedicts Terrace Shared: East Kg. & Port Royal East Rural St. Andrew 22. Port Royal Seaside Beach Parade Plum Point East Kingston & Port Royal Springfield 23. Drewsland Phase 1 & 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 & 5 Shared: West St. Andrew West Central St. Andrew Molynes Water House 24. Duhaney Park Brook Valley Sherlock Duhaney Park (proper) West St. Andrew Duhaney park 25. Ferry None West St. Andrew Duhaney park 26. Maverley Glendale Marverley (Proper) Three Oaks North West St. Andrew Hughenden 27. New Haven New Haven (Proper) Riverside Chink Valley West St. Andrew Duhaney park 28. Patrick Gardens None North West St. Andrew Hughenden 29. Pembrook Hall None North West St. Andrew Hughenden 30. Washington Gardens None West St. Andrew Duhaney park 31. Cooreville None West St. Andrew Duhaney park 32. Greenwich Town Back Lane Fishing Village Boat Island Newport West Top Farm Bottom Farm South West St. Andrew Greenwich Town 33. Majesty Gardens None South West Greenwich Town 34. Olympic Gardens Olympic Gardens Proper Compound Simmonds Park Yancey West Central St. Andrew Molynes 35. Riverton Meadows Calalloo Mews Riverton Meadows (Proper) Shanty Town West Seaview 36. Seaview Gardens Phase 1 Phase 2 Hunts Bay Lane 

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 37. 

Seivwright Bellrock Cocburn Coolie Town Lower Hagley Park White Wing Shared: South West West Central Sievewright Greenwich 38. Tower Hill Bayfarm Villas Tower Avenue West Central Olympic 39. Waltham Park / Mandella Back Road Hyde Park Mandella / Hagley Park Gardens Mandella Terrace Olympic Courts Shared: West Central East Central Olympic Hagley park 40. Waterhouse Balmagie Bushmouth Capture / West Bay Farm Cuba / Lambs Pen Moscow Nanse Pen West Water House 41. Whitfield Town Lower Waltham Park Road Bennett Land Whitfield (Proper) South West St. Andrew Whitfield Payne land 42. Delacree Pen Tavares Gardens Union Gardens Delacree Park South West Payne land Greenwich 43. Barbican Andrews Pen Bird Sucker Lane 28 ½ - 30 East Kings House Road Arcadia Barbican (Proper) Castle Heights Drumblair Grants Pen Millsborough Waterloo Shortwood North East St. Andrew Barbican Waterloo

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 46. 

Whitehall Gardens 100 Lane Park Lane Donmair White Haven Whitehall Gardens (Proper) North Central St. Andrew Whitehall 47. Red Hills Queen Hill Belvedere Bruntside Valley Chancery Hall Coopers Hill Cypress Hall Forest Hill Happy Grove Kirkland Heights Leas Flat Marverley Mountain Mosquito Valley Padmore Plantation Heights Red Hill Sterling Castle West Rural St. Andrew Chancery hall Red Hills

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 48. 

Rock Hall Burkewood Carr Hill Rock Hall Waugh Hill West Rural St. Andrew Red Hills 49. Brandon Hill Blakesbridge Mount Horeb Mount Moses Mount Zion West Rural St. Andrew Brandon Hill 50. Cavaliers Frazer Mountain Golden Hill Pear Hill Pinto Hill Red Ground West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 51. Golden Spring Bag Residence Boone Hall Clarks Hill Golden Spring Iron River Stockfarm Road West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 52. Lawrence Tavern Belmont Border Burnt Shop Claypole Coakley Content Downcastle Essex Hall Fern Hill Florence Hill George Mason Drive Goldburn Grant Hill King Weston Mahony Mount Charles Mount Cheerful Mount Ogle Mount Olive Rose Hall Unity West Rural St. Andrew

53. Mannings Hill Mannings Hill Mount Salus Smokeyvale Wireless West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 54. Mount James Lime Edgae Mount Airy Mount Friendship Mount James Mount Pleasant Mount Prospect New Gardens West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 55. Parks Road Everton Park Parks Road Salisbury Plain West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill Red Hills 56. Stony Hill Airy Castle Bowden hill Brooks Level Hermitage Old Stony Hill Road Seaview Stony Hill West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 57. Temple Hall Halls Green Orangefield Temple Hall Temple Hall Heights Toms River West Rural St. Andrew Stony Hill 58. Cross Roads Collins Green Cross Road (proper) Lincoln Trevenion Park Slipe Road Shared: East Central St. Andrew South East South Shared: Trafalgar Maxfield Admiral Town

59. Kencot James Town Kencot Kew Park Rome East Central Maxfield 60. Swallowfield Top Range Swallowfield (proper) Mountain Court Mountain Terrace Nannyville Stadium Gardens Stanton Terrace / Roosevelt Avenue Tankerville Shared: Vineyard Mona Trafalgar 61. Boucher Park Boucher Park (proper) Chisholm (lower) East Central Maxfield 62. Richmond Park None East Central Hagley Park 63. Half Way Tree Ambrook Tarrant Bloomsbury Cassia Park Eastwood Park Gardens Dunrobin / Red Hills Road Half Way Tree St. Andrew Park East Central Cassia Park Hagley Park Trafalgar Waterloo 64. Red Hills Gardens Calabar Mews Pleasanton Red Hills Gardens (proper) Three Views 85 ½ Red Hills Road North Central White Hall 65. Hughenden / Arlene Gardens Arelene Gardens Queensbury Hughenden Lyndale Renfield Valentine Gardens North West St. Andrew Hughenden 66. State & Zadie Gardens State Gardens Zadie Gardens East Central St. Andrew Cassia Park

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 67.

Maxfield Park Maxfield Park (proper) McDonald Lane Park (Frog City) Upper Waltham Park Lower Chisholm Avenue East Central Maxfield 68. Molynes Gardens Waltham Park Molynes Court Molynes Gardens Moreton Park Seaward Sutherland Tamarind Grove East Central St. Andrew Cassia 69. Seymour Lands None South East St. Andrew Trafalgar 70. New Kingston New Kingston (proper) Trafalgar Park Worthington Kingsgate South East St. Andrew Trafalgar 71. Liguanea Beverly Hills Cedar Valley/ Standpipe Hope Estate Mountain Spring Millsborough Matilda‟s Corner Chambers Lane Hopefield / Retreat Beverly Hills Long Mountain Wellington Hope Pastures Shandy Grove Liguanea (proper) Ravina/ Barbican Terrace Sandhurst Sandy Park Karachi Pines of Karachi Blue Castle Bonner Pen Land Lease Shared: North East St. Andrew East St. Andrew Mona Barbican

Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 74.

August Town August Town (Proper) Bedward Gardens Gold Smith Villa Hermitage African Gardens East St. Andrew Papine 75. Constitution Hill Pleasant Hill Myland Chasworth Queen Hill Miller‟s Gap Upper Halls Delight East Rural St. Andrew Kentyre 76. Content Gap Quashies Gap Content Gap Green Piece Pompie‟s Hut Drysdale East Rural St. Andrew Mavis Bank 77. Dallas Lower Halls Delight August Hill Dallas (Proper) Ned Hut East Rural St. Andrew Dallas 78. Irish Town Irish Town(Proper) Middleton Red Light East Rural St. Andrew Gordon Town

79. Mavis Bank Flamstead Guava Ridge Top Road Resource Lime Tree / Tower Hill Mavis Bank(Proper) Mount Charles Roberts Westphalia East Rural St. Andrew Mavis Bank 80. Papine Elleston Flats Kintyre Lookout Highlightview Mona Commons Papine(Proper) Tavern Miarcale Close Lower Halls Delight Hope Flats East St. Andrew Papine 81. Gordon Town Endfield Sugar Loaf/ Mt. Industry Penfield Violets Bank Savage Pen Dublin Castle Mammee River Gayle Mount Cornfield/Copperidge Cottage Hill Craig Hill Dublin Castle Close Gordon Town(Proper) Industry Village Violets Bank Wiltshire Hart Hill East Rural St. Andrew Gordon town Kingston and St. Andrew Cont’d 82. Maryland Upper Maryland Lower Maryland Dustry Mine Piece Johnny Ridge East Rural St. Andrew Gordon town

83. St. Peter‟s Bryan Ridge Davis Hill St. Peter‟s Proper Silver Hill Clifton Hill Mount Lebanon East Rural St. Andrew Mavis bank 84. Woodford Free Town Jack Allen Cambridge Peter‟s Rock Woodford (Proper) East Rural St. Andrew Gordon town


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